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Hey guys!

I was tagged on Valentine’s Day (today) by Deanna at A Novel Glimpse to do The Book Love Tag! I thought with a couple hours left on this love day, why not throw out a last minute tag. Thanks Deanna!

Your favorite book couple.

My current favorite couple is Darrow and Virginia from the Red Rising Trilogy! I love the dynamic of Reaper and Mustang so much. As much as my heart broke for Eo, I think Darrow finally met his match with Virginia!


Your top 3 book boy/girlfriends.

My current top book boyfriends go to Magnus Damora (FK), Magnus Bane (TMI), and Kaz Brekker (SoC)! Back off if you want to keep your hands ladies… I mean it!


Imagine your favorite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organizing the wedding?)


I honestly think Darrow would be the one to propose. He would have his crew fly them out on a mission to an abandoned planet where he would then take her beneath the stars of the galaxy and promise her the universe on one knee.


Unpopular opinions time! Name a popular pairing you can’t stand.

Eleanor and Park

Sorry not sorry… Eleanor and Park. They just did nothing for me. Such a bland pairing!


What’s your favorite and least favorite romance trope?

My favorite romantic trope is the Star-crossed Lovers Trope. Just because who doesn’t love a good Romeo and Juliet story!

My least favorite trope is the Friend to Lover Trope. Not all best friends become lovers ok? So stop it authors. Just stop it!


Do you ship non-canon couples often? Name some if you do.

Oh hey, I guess I do! They deserve some love too don’t ya think?

Finnie (Finnick/Annie) from the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Captain Cress (Captain Thorne/Cress) from the Lunar Chronicles Series.

Wysper (Wylan/Jesper) from Six of Crows.


Your opinion on love triangles. Go!

I don’t mind love triangles to be honest. It all depends on the writing of them. They do make for some interesting drama when it comes down to it. And it keeps you on edge waiting and hoping that your ship is the one that makes it in the end!


Favorite and least favorite love triangle?


Favorite Love Triangle goes to ………… Katniss/Peeta/Gale! I wasn’t rooting for anyone in particular. So I was happy in the end with the choice Katniss made!



Least Favorite Love Triangle goes to………. Bella/Edward/Jacob. Why? It’s not because I hated the Twilight series (because I don’t… I secretly love it), it’s because Jacob is a useless waste of page space. Bye bye Jacob… don’t come back!


Sometimes romance just isn’t the way to go. Favorite friendship?


Shocker? Oh please. You seen this one coming! The friendship of Harry/Ron/Hermoine is going down in the history books. There’s no greater friendship!


What’s your favorite scene with your bookish OTP?


That first kiss between Simon & Baz. Do I need to say more?

Uh no I don’t.


Imagine your favorite book couple again. Who’s most excited about Valentine’s Day (either ironically or genuinely)?


To be honest I feel like neither of them would show that they are excited for Valentine’s Day… but secretly I know they will have romantic shit planned for each other. Secret romantics right there!


I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day with the people you love the most, whether it be your partner, parents, friends or family! Just spread some love today y’all!

Until next time,

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39 thoughts on “The Book Love Tag | Books at Dawn”

  1. Wow! That was fast turnaround! 😉 I’m happy you get do it for the big V-Day! You picked a great picture for Kaz! Exactly what I would think he looked like. I do have to disagree with you on Jacob. *Team Jacob over here!* Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG! How are you not devouring Morning Star right away? I was devastated when Golden Son ended 😦 But do you get why I am a little (not like a lot, because I understand to some degree) cross with Mustang though?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ok… lemme break it down!

        I would be more excited and blood thirsty to read Morning Star… IF… we didn’t find out whose head was in the box. Is it Mustang? Is it his mother? Is is Dancer? etc… Would have left more mystery and angst.

        I understand why Mustang left. Though I may not be happy, we have to understand that Golds are a people that are stuck in their old ways of heirachy/slavery. Mustang is a little forward thinking and I feel she may have something up her sleeve in Morning Star as to why she wasn’t at the ceremony. I thoroughly believe that Reaper/Mustang is end game and I will hold on to that belief forever! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hmmm … I totally get your thought process! BUT to me, finding out who’s head was in the box just left me with even less hope and more despair. Does that make sense? Like it’s even more difficult to imagine how this will all end.
        I understand too and the story is far from over. I am pretty sure they’ll be endgame too.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I think I have the US version … the one with the face but not really the title on it hahaha I love it somehow.
        It’s a lot darker than I thought it would be. Very intriguing with different dimensions though.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I just ordered some books from book depository for the first time, because the usual shipping time at my local bookstore is 1-2 weeks or one month. Entirely depending on what I want to get. They don’t have that much English books on stock.

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