KPOP Music Mondays: EVERGLOW – Hush

Hey K-Poppers!

Welcome back to KPOP Music Mondays, a weekly feature on the blog where I highlight a recent release and share my thoughts! This week is a new group that debuted earlier in the year but have been exploding on the international KPOP scene ever since. They are non other than EVERGLOW!



Y’all don’t understand how deep my love for EVERGLOW has gone. I was completely enamored by their debut song, Bon Bon Chocolat, that I had it on repeat for months, MONTHS! I haven’t fallen for a group this hard in a very long time, and I’m so happy it’s a girl group for a change.

So now the girls are back with their 2nd Single Album, HUSH. I knew it was going to be hard to top their first release. They would have to go harder then ever before, and they did just THAT! Adios is by far one of the best bops of the year for me. The bass is so hard hitting and that EDM break after the chorus is everything!

I love the album as a whole. Hush is a soft pop ballad type song with amazing vocals and flow. You Don’t Know Me is such a summer bop with fun lyrics and a great hook. I just can’t get enough of this album!

I urge you guys to give them a try and see for yourselves why they have jumped close to the top of my favs lists.

Until next time,