KPOP Music Mondays: Red Velvet – ReVe Festival Day 2 (Umpah Umpah)

Hey K-Poppers!

Welcome back to KPOP Music Mondays, a weekly feature on the blog where I highlight a recent release and share my thoughts! This week is a fan favorite; one of the biggest girl groups in Korea and on the global scale. It is none other than Red Velvet, and they are back with the sequel EP to their ReVe Fesitval Day 1, Day 2!! I was so excited back in the first half of the year when it was announced that we would be getting a Red Velvet trilogy! The first the group has ever put out (correct me if I’m wrong). 

So let’s break it down!

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RED VELVET - ReVe Festival Day 2

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I am going to start off with a controversial comment … dont kill me … but Zimzalabim was not the jam of the summer we have come to expect from our summer comeback Queens. It might go down in history as my least favorite Red Velvet title track. Much to my surprise and everyone else most likely, they announced ANOTHER summer comeback.

I thought to myself, this is a chance for my girls to redeem themselves and gives us a track that is summer ready. Bless the Kpop gods, because we got just that. Umpah Umpah is by far 1000000% better than Zimzalabim and you can fight me on that. We can an addictive hook and equally as addictive chorus, the girls ALL shine in their solo lines, and that dance is adorable. I also low-key love the music video.

Some of the other personal highlights from the album include Jumpin’, and Carpool. Both are solid tracks with more of the summer music vibes I was craving. Mix it all together and we got a pretty bumping EP. I will say that it didn’t surpass let’s say, Red Flavor and the Red Summer EP, or even the Summer Magic EP, but it comes very, very close!

I cannot wait for Day 3 and I have my predictions ready! Since we got two Red releases with Day 1 and 2, I am expecting Day 3 to have a Velvet title track along the lines of girl crush/RnB. My life needs another Bad Boy! Also since these two were EP’s, I’m anticipating Day 3 to be the groups 3rd full length album. BRING IT RED VELVET! I am not ready…. but I am. HA!

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ReVeluvs unite! Let’s keep spreading the Red Velvet love ~

Until next time,

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