KPOP Music Mondays: NCT Dream – WE BOOM

Hey Bookworms or should I say K-Poppers!

Welcome to the first installment of one of my weekly series, KPOP Music Mondays! Wooooo wooooo~

I thought I would open up my blog to another aspect of my life that I am obsessed with and have been obsessed with for over 12 years now, and that is KPOP. I’ve been a fan of KPOP since the OG days of Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, 2PM, Big Bang and many more. Over the years I have stuck with and fell in love with a whole new batch of groups and singers that I would love to share some with you every Monday on my blog!

So let’s get into it~



What a comeback for these babies! They grow up so fast… -I cries-

It felt like just yesterday they were singing about chewing gum and crushes on their teachers. My has the time past and they are now hitting it harder than they should for their ages! Ha.

Overall I thought it was a solid comeback and a great album as a whole. My favorite tracks are of course BOOM, but I also really enjoy Stronger and 119 too! Last year Mark graduated from the group as he was getting too old for the age cap, so I’m interested to see how the groups fairs in the near future as 4 of the members are also about to hit that cap. Will they graduate too? Will SM add new boys into the group to make up for the ones who will have to graduate eventually? And where will they go when they graduate? SO many questions and lots to look forward to with NCT’s future!

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, I implore you to do so. Or at least watch the MV above to get a feel of the type of music you’re missing out on.

Until next time,

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