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Hey guys!

In honor of the newest Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child coming out at the end of the month, my good friend Aentee from Read at Midnight created a whole month of fun Harry Potter related activities. As I am an avid fan of the movies (not quite finished with the books yet), I decided to take part in it.

My fun Harry Potter related post is The Sorting! I will be taking characters from wildly popular YA series’ and sorting them into Hogwarts Houses. I had so much fun making this list, and I hope you enjoy and agree with my choices!

Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms

GryffindorPrincess Cleo

Cleo is brave and daring. She doesn’t rely on a man to come save the day. She takes matters into her own hands and makes sure she does so with dignity and pride.


SlytherinPrince Magnus

Magnus is cunning and has strong ambitions. He does everything in his power to please his father, all while trying to not end up like him. Though some of his actions come off a tad villainous, he has good intentions at heart.


RavenclawPrincess Lucia

Lucia is intelligent and quiet. She values education over frivolous things. She always has her face in a book trying to find out more about her elemental powers and she is guided by her thoughts and actions.



Jonas is extremely loyal to his band of rebels and friends. Even though he makes a lot of careless mistakes, they are all with good intentions to save his friends from trouble. He works hard and is dedicated to his cause.


Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass


Aelin (Celaena)

Aelin is a brave heroine. She has the nerve to take what rightfully belongs to her, and dares to be ruthless. Her tactics may be bit Slytherin, but ultimately I think Gryffindor is the best fit for her character.




Our resident prince Dorian has mountains of books. He is intelligent and witty. He values knowledge over power and would definitely belong in Ravenclaw. I wouldn’t mind spending some time in his personal library!




Chaol, our special little snowflake. He is extremely loyal to Dorian. So much so, that I think he would even give his life for him. He is also a hard worker. Being the youngest captain of the guard must have been difficult to obtain without hard work!




Rowan, the sexy fae warrior. He is strong and cunning. He has big ambitions for himself and Aelin and will do anything to achieve them. Even if it’s at the expense of someone else.


Hunger Games

The Hunger Games



Katniss is the epitome of selfless and brave. She volunteered to possibly get herself killed in the Hunger Games to save her little sister from that fate. While playing the game, she was daring and courageous. She did what she had to save herself and the few friends she made along the way.



Peeta, so sweet. He holds the most qualities with Hufflepuff. He is loyal and patient, especially when it comes to the rash decisions of Katniss. He is also hard workingΒ when it comes to doing the right thing.




Gale, I never really liked that guy. I find him to be cunning but slimy. I don’t find his ambitions to be good and I get the strong feelings that he only cares for Katniss and would do anything, even villainous acts to get her.


The Grisha Trilogy

Shadow and Bone



Alina, the sun summoner. I found her to be a very docile protagonist. She is loyal to her friends, family and country. She is selfless and hard working, even at the expense of her out health and safety. She is also easily manipulated.




Mal, the boring. Honestly Hufflepuff is unlucky to have him. I will say he is extremely loyal to Alina, and Alina alone. Everything he does is with her in mind, and he works really hard at it.




Nikolai is the brave Prince of Ravka. He is smart, cunning, courageous, and selfless. All these qualities will make him into an even better King in the future. Did I mention he’s smooth with the ladies?



The Darkling

The Darkling is Slytherin to the T. Cunning, mischievous, ambitious, and ruthless. I could totally see him being Harry’s rival more so then Draco. The Darkling and all his qualities and actions make him perfect for the Slytherin House!


Six of Crows

Six of Crows



Kaz Brekker is the intelligent leader of our band of unlikely heroes. His is calculating, and witty. He is always thinking two steps ahead which I believe is perfect for the Ravenclaw House. Although he holds some Slytherin qualities, I can see the Sorting Hat choosing Ravenclaw instead!



Inej the loyal follower of Kaz. She would never cross him unless it was for his own good. She thinks of others before herself. Inej is also very hard working. She didn’t get to where she is today without it.




Nina is brave and rash. She dares to test the limits of her powers and especially her relationship with Matthias. She is also a very proud person. All qualities perfect for Gryffindor.




Matthias the quiet one. He is calm, cool and collected. He has bravery like no one else. He is very prideful and is reluctant to admit when he is wrong. But deep beneath those hard layers he has a heart of gold!




Jesper the gambler. He is extremely cunning. He would cheat and gamble is way out of any situation. But he also takes care of his friends too. Outside of gambling, he has big ambitions for his life. For those reasons I can see him being sorted into Slytherin.



Wylan is the docile one of the group. He is quiet and hard working. Even though his father abandoned him, he still knows how to be loyal to his new friends. And because of his illiteracy, he is extremely patient.


The Lunar Chronicles




Cinder is brave and daring. She goes out of her way to take care of her new friends and ensures safe travels. Although she is special, she doesn’t hold that above anything else. She is modest but proud.



Prince Kai

Prince Kai is intelligent and calculating. Everything he does is well thought out and he takes the proper measures to make sure all goes well. Growing up a prince, he is very well educated and values his knowledge on foreign affairs.




Scarlet is a daring farm girl. When her grandmother goes missing she doesn’t hesitate to go find her. She jumps into dangerous situations with utmost bravery. She cares for others before herself!




Wolf is strong and brave. He cares for Scarlet and will do anything to ensure her safety. He is very proud and doesn’t let his past affect his decision making.




Cress is quiet, but hard working. She remains loyal to those she finds worthy. She is dedicated to the tasks at hand just as much as she is dedicated to her friends. All qualities worthy of the Hufflepuff house!



Captain Thorne

Captain Thorne is the epitome of Gryffindor. He is brave and daring. He is prideful and very dignified. He lives and breathes accomplishments. He is not afraid to jump into dangerous situations and is a perfect fit for this house.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses



Feyre is easily manipulated. But that doesn’t take away from her undying loyalty to the ones she deems worthy and good. She is also very hard working. Especially when her family was broke and hungry, she would hunt day and night to provide for them.




Tamlin is cunning but not in a good way. He is very bossy and stands his ground. If things don’t go his way he lashes out.He doesn’t think too far beyond himself and has high ambitions for his court.




Rhysand is cunning, but in a good way this time. He has rightful reasons behind his actions. He is coy and mischievous and his ambitions reach beyond the clouds and stars.


Don’t forget to check out all the other Potterhead July posts here! I hope you enjoyed my little sorting ceremony. Do you agree with any of my picks? Where would you place your favorite characters? I would love to know!

Until next time,

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11 thoughts on “Sorting Characters into Hogwarts Houses | #PotterheadJuly”

  1. DUDE. I love this post so, so much! I adore the accuracy of your sorting for ACOTAR, Throne of Glass, and The Lunar Chronicles. I so, so, so agree with almost all of them!

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    1. They say the Sorting Hat sorts you based on the qualities you value rather then the qualities you exhibit… And I think Kaz values his cleverness πŸ˜‰
      In my opinion at least!


  2. Definitely agree with your choices for Throne of Glass and The Lunar Chronicles! (not that I disagree with the others, I just haven’t read those or only one book out of the series haha)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is really fun! I’d say Gale is Gryffindor though, she actually cares for other, not just Katniss. I mean, he actually tried to save people from District 12 before being bombed by capitol! He also never being openly hostile with Peeta. And I’m 1000000% agree with The Darkling being a Slytherin. I think he would be the best of the best in Slytherin πŸ˜€ I’d say Kaz is Slytherin too! He’s really cunning and ambitious πŸ™‚


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