I Met Pierce Brown

Pierce Brow Morning Star

Hey guys!

So as some of you may know Pierce Brown the author of the Red Rising Trilogy just released his much anticipated finale, Morning Star. Because of that, he is currently touring North America and the UK to promote it and do signings!

I was lucky enough to have attended his Canadian stop in Toronto last night and would like to recap all the fun myself and fellow book bloggers had!

If this starts to sound rambly, it’s because I was freaking out the whole time. I mean look at this face!

Pierce Brown
Picture courtesy of Random House Canada

Over the last couple nights I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I’m in denial but I’m pretty sure it was because I was too excited for the book signing (but I won’t admit that). And the day of the event nothing could break my mood.

I finished work around 1:00pm and headed over to Warehouse (a restaurant where everything is $4.95) for lunch with Amanda from Brains, Books, and Brawn. We both ended up getting the same Mac and Cheese with bacon bits. It was delicious! Soon after Shelly from Read.Sleep.Repeat and Patty from BookishWanderLove met up with as we were killing time before the first signing with Pierce at Bakka Phoenix Fantasy/Sci-fi book store!

Turns out he was running a bit late so we made our way from the used book store to Bakka for snacks and chats while we waited for him to arrive. Now anticipation was building and internally I thought I was going to pass out!

If you guys don’t know, I am a huge fan of Pierce Brown. But not only just his books and his writing, but his aesthetically pleasing Instagram, his hilarious interviews on YouTube, and his passions for fantasy and sci-fi!

We also met a fellow blogger Jamie from Books and Ladders. She came all the way from Niagara Falls to meet him! That is dedication. Finally the time arrived and Pierce Brown and the Del Rey representative arrived to Patty’s applause!

At this point I remained stoic and quiet, trying so hard not to squeal as he went around and shook everyone’s hands. This particular signing was a small crowd. There was maybe 10 of us plus the staff of Bakka there.

We chatted about his books, hobbies, interests, and general world issues for an hour. During that time a comment was made about me spreading the word about Red Rising to my fellow bloggers and he touched my knee to thank me. I died…. literally almost died. All eyes were on me at that point. They all wanted to witness my reaction. But I kept my COOL ok? At least on the outside.

Signing time! I whipped out all three of his books + one for Aentee from Read at Midnight and got them all singed and personalized. But that’s not even the best part. If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve already seen the picture but here it is anyway.

Pierce and I

This is the single most awesome picture EVER! Don’t ya think?

On a side note he commented on my outfit saying her liked my black attire, and said I could be his honorary little brother. Now my life is complete and I can die happy! But not really because I still have to read Morning Star and his next installment in his sci-fi world!

On his way out we grabbed a quick group selfie and made our way to grand event at Indigo Bay and Bloor!

Pierce Brown Group
Group Selfie courtesy of Patty’s phone!

Now at this point I was quite content. I got to meet him, chat with him, get my books signed, and take a picture! So I was going to the next event for the Q&A and to see the rest of my blogger friends like Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts!

The Q&A was hosted by Sam Maggs author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galazy. He answered questions about his books, his writing process, and his future projects in the works such as Iron Gold the first book in his new trilogy + the script for the movie adaptation of Red Rising!

Pierce Brown 3
Photo courtesy of Indigo Events Twitter!

Right after the Q&A he jumped right into a massive book signing for the over 200 guests in attendance! Thank god I already got all my books signed because that line up was real long!

Photos courtesy of Indigo Events Twitter.

In the mean time I met some bloggers I’ve been following for some time now like Giselle from Booknerd Canada and Maria from BigCity Bookworm. I also got to meet Leandra (@LeandraRant) and Danny a Bookstagramer (@thebookorder)!

Over all it was an amazing two events which spawned a great turn out! I am extremely grateful that Pierce Brown came to Toronto and I look forward to meeting him again in the future! Thanks Del Rey, Random House Canada, and Indigo Events!

Sorry for this super long recap, but if you’ve stuck through it until this point, thank you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Until next time,

Sig New

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Jesse Nicholas lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an aspiring writer and one day wishes to have a novel published. Along with writing, Jesse enjoys music, travel, trashy TV, and is an avid reader of anything in the Young Adult and Fantasy/Sci-Fi genres. He is currently posts reviews on the novels he reads on his blog, and spends hours upon hours coming up with ideas for a future stories.

56 thoughts on “I Met Pierce Brown”

  1. *high pitched squeal* This is seriously so awesome, Jesse, I’m so glad you got to meet one of your favourite writers and it was such an up close & personal experience! Love that your outfits sorta matched on the day 😉 You both have serious style.

    And thank you so much again for getting me a signed copy. You totally didn’t have to but it made me so happy ❤ ❤ ❤ PLEASE consider my offer to redesign your blog for free OK? OK! *squishes*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So nice meeting you Jesse! I’m so glad you had so much fun. Next time time I’m sticking with my initial plan of going to Bakka LOL *high fives* for telling everyone about RR! *whispers I did the same* Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about MORNING STAR!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was like meeting a local celebrity when I met you! HAHA.
      Yes! I feel like so many people missed out big time!!
      I like being the word of mouth. It’s fun!
      I’m totally going to jump into Morning Star real soon!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so someday! The closest he got this tour was one state away and I thought about trying it, but then it was the same day as a snow storm 😦 I will just have to live vicariously through all the tour posts I see fit now

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a fantastic post! It was like re-living the whole experience all over again! It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we all see each other again soon! Such a fantastic experience! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HAHA OMGG GOOALS EVERYTHING ❤ It's sooo funny! Because me and my boyfriend were both like *GASP* *PIERCE BROWN AT INDIGO*.. fckk its in Toronto T_T and we can't go since we were from Montreal and we had midterms coming up ! And I was like .. I'm sure Jesse is there *envy* LOOL and you were !! OH LUCKY YOUU ! 😀 Hopefully we get to meet each other some day! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve only met Cecelia Ahern and she didn’t even have that much time in Vienna in general, she had to get to the airport soon … Austria isn’t really a must-destination for authors to visit I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I am so HAPPY for you and admittedly jealous as hell haha. I am so glad you got to meet him and it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time. I mean you’re his honorary little brother, how much better does it get 😉

    Also your outfit is definitely on point. Both you and Pierce’s style game is on point. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SO envious you got to meet Pierce, Jesse! At the same time, I’m also so happy for you! Meeting your favorite author and getting the chance to talk to them about your thoughts about their work is one of the most amazing things a bibliophile could ever feel! Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. IM SO GLAD YOU GOT TO MEET ONE OF YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHORS! I know that you absolutely love his books, even though I have yet to read them…but ITS SO COOL how you got to be with him and a few other bloggers in a more personal event beforehand! Plus, that compliment from him!! *gushes* SO COOL! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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