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Hey guys!

I was tagged by Deanna over at A Novel Glimpse to do the Friends Book Tag based off of the very popular 90’s television show. If you don’t know what I am talking about… you must not have been born yet or you live under a rock. Here is a picture to jog your memories!


Do you remember now? Good. Let’s get to it then!

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go – a character I wish would just go away:

Shadow and Bone

Mal just needs to erase himself from this whole series. Could he get any more boring? Tell me I’m not the only one to think like this!

The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break – favorite break up scene:


I totally consider _____’s erased memories as a break up. Poor _____ has to pretend to be a stranger to _____ afterward like what they had was never anything special. (To avoid spoilers I used blanks instead of names!)

The One With All The Kissing – a book with lots of kissing: 

A Court of Thorns and Roses

There was a whole lot of everything going on in this book. If you know what I mean -winkwink-

The Last One – favorite series finale:


You couldn’t ask for a more perfect ending then this one. Everyone wins in the end!

The One With a Blackout – a scene I’d like to forget:

New Moon

Can I just forget this book ever happened? Talk about a waste of paper. The whole book was a nonsensical filler to the story.

The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry – a book that did not make you as emotional as others:

All the Bright Places

This book is emotional don’t get me wrong. But not an ugly cry book.

The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food:- a book you won’t ever lend:

Any of my signed copies of Falling Kingdoms series! NEVER. DON’T TOUCH.

The One With the Thumb – a recent read that you would give two thumbs up to:

More Happy Than Not

Excellent and heart breaking. 4 thumbs up!

The One With the Ick Factor – a book with a pet peeve:

Carry On

One of my biggest LGBT book pet peeves is when a character is dating the opposite sex then miraculously falls for their friend or neighbor or in this case roommate out of thin air. Sorry.

The One With The Lesbian Wedding – favorite LGBTQ book couple:

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon and Blue, forever those two! ❤

Well there you have it! The Friends Book Tag. Brings back a lot of TV memories as I was going through these questions. Did you guys love the TV show too?


Until next time,

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22 thoughts on “The Friends Book Tag | Books at Dawn”

  1. New Moon was actually one of my favorite of the Twilight Saga — but maybe I just liked all the angst and heartbreak. Lol. Thanks for doing the tag! I loved reading your answers, especially the fill in the blanks one!

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  2. WOW. I read “the one where [Joey] doesn’t share food” and I thought you were chirping on ME. :(! Jesse, I’ll always share my food with you.

    Don’t worry about Mal, I have a feeling Kaz will stroll along and laugh at his (and Alina’s) boringness in Crooked Kingdom. I JUST KNOOOW IT.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 100% agree about Mal. Like you mentioned with Carry On, I hate it when characters “suddenly see” their best friends romantically. I facepalm every time.

    Liked by 1 person

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