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Around-the-World-Book-TagHey guys!

I was tagged by Raven over at Dreamy Addictions to do the Around the World Book Tag. First off I want to thank her for tagging me. I thought this was a pretty cool tag to do as it involves one of my favorite past times, traveling. So if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do so now, she’s great!

The Rules: 

List a country, and then show which favorite book of yours is set in that country is. You can use the countries I used, add your own, or use completely different ones!


The Ronin's MistressOne of my favorite adult mystery series is the Sano Ichiro series by Laura Joh Rowland. It is set in feudal Japan and follows Sano Ichiro a police detective for the emperor. It is politically gripping, filled with loads of mystery and drama! You guys should check it out. Click the cover to head to the GoodReads page.


SoullessSoulless is one of my favorite books from the Parisol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. It is based in England in the early 1900’s I think. It features vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings. Click the cover to head over to the GoodReads page.


Shadow and BoneEven though it is not fully based on the real life Russia, Shadow and Bone from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo is very heavily Russian influenced. With the style of words, the architecture of the buildings as well as the culture, food, and clothing are all influenced by Russia. Click the cover to head over to the GoodReads page!


CinderBased in a futuristic China, Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is a great book. Set in New Beijing of the future, we get a new spin on the classic fairytale of Cinderalla with asian influence. Food, clothing, culture, and politics are all reflective to China and other parts of Asia as well! Click on the cover to head over to the GoodReads page!


Legacy of KingsLegacy of Kings from the Blood of Gods and Royals series by Eleanor Herman is based in the ancient Macedon which we now all call Greece. It follows Alexander the great as he navigates being a teenager and future king of the world. Not only do we get to learn about ancient Greece, but also about the politics, and philosophies as well. Click on the cover to head over to the GoodReads page!

I hope you enjoyed traveling the world with me through books! Let me know if you have read any of them or if you know other books set in these countries.

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Nicolette @ A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly

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Lashaan & Trang @ Bookidote

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm

Erika @ ErikaChung182

** Don’t feel obligated to do the tag if you don’t want to.**

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Jesse Nicholas lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an aspiring writer and one day wishes to have a novel published. Along with writing, Jesse enjoys music, travel, trashy TV, and is an avid reader of anything in the Young Adult and Fantasy/Sci-Fi genres. He is currently posts reviews on the novels he reads on his blog, and spends hours upon hours coming up with ideas for a future stories.

19 thoughts on “Around The World (Books) | TAG”

  1. Cool tag! Grisha and Lunar Chronicles are both on my TBR list. Regarding the latter, I wonder what’s with China and Cinderella bc I have another memoir book called Chinese Cinderella. Thanks for tagging me, Jesse! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Jesse, why you so sweet man?! =) Thanks for tagging me again!

    ;D Love your choice for China! When I got to meet Marissa Meyer last year, I told her one of the things I loved most about Cinder was how it was set in a futuristic China.

    😀 I recently picked up Soulless after hearing so much good things about it, X) I love that it’s set in Victorian London. Can’t wait to get to it!

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  3. Omg this tag is so awesome, I definitely want to do it *steals* you need to read Six of Crows, that’s a serious country hopping series 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I will! I’m working on Siege and Storm and then next month or two I hope to get to Ruin and Rising… AND then I will read Six of Crows 😛
      I have to read it in order even if they are very loosely related!


  4. Cinder and Shadow and bone are my favorite reads. I already have the legacy of kings in my TBR list but I didn’t get around to read it yet because of my huge TBR list. I’ve never read a book set in Greece before and I hope it would bring a whole new experience for me. Great Choices BTW! Thank you so much for participating! 😀

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  5. Great choices, Jesse! The one you chose for Japan sounds so interesting. I’ve always been more interested in 19th century Japan where there’s a mix of western and traditional Japanese cultures but it would be so cool to read more about feudal Japan!

    And I absolutely love the Lunar Chronicles. I still have no idea where it’s actually set. It’s definitely a mix of many Asian cultures but it’s always bugged me that I can’t nail it down precisely haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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