Diverse Characters | Top 5 Wednesday [13]

Top-5-WednesdayHey guys!

Welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday! This fun weekly meme was created by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey. If you want to join in the fun and be apart of the #T5W … you can find all the details at the GoodReads page.

This week’s topic is Top 5 Diverse Characters.

I can’t say enough how important it is to have diverse characters in books and how much more effort and work needs to be put into accomplishing this task. No more fair haired, blue eyed, white heroes and heroines. Sure they are fine and dandy… but I’m tired reading about them. Give us heroes/heroines of color, or ones who are LGBTQ centered. And no it doesn’t count as being diverse if they are the supporting character to the white protagonist. So here is my list of favorite diverse characters and what makes them diverse!

5. Nehemia from the Throne of Glass Series

Nehemia Nehemia2

Nehemia is black. She is powerful, elegant, intelligent and beautiful. Have I mentioned that she is also a princess?

4. June Iparis from the Legend Trilogy

June June

June is described as being Native American + other ethnicities. She’s a a strong soldier, and firm leader, and a kickass heroine.

3. Simon and Bram from Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda


Simon is a gay white kid and Bram is a gay black kid. If this book were around when I was in high school I would have felt better about myself the issues I had to go through. This was a perfect coming of age story!

2. Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments Series

Magnus Magnus2

An Asian bisexual warlock. How cool and sexy is that! I don’t need to say more about him since he is a lot of people’s beloved character.

1. Madeline from Everything Everything

Everything, Everything

I tried looking everywhere for fanart of Madeline, but with no luck. She is mixed race Black and Asian with a somewhat rare health issue. You guys should read her story, it’s a cute one!

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Wednesday this week. As the years go on, I hope that more and more books with have diverse characters as their main protagonists. This needs to be the new normal!

Until next time,

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Jesse Nicholas lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an aspiring writer and one day wishes to have a novel published. Along with writing, Jesse enjoys music, travel, trashy TV, and is an avid reader of anything in the Young Adult and Fantasy/Sci-Fi genres. He is currently posts reviews on the novels he reads on his blog, and spends hours upon hours coming up with ideas for a future stories.

18 thoughts on “Diverse Characters | Top 5 Wednesday [13]”

  1. Magnus is definitely one of my favourites, if not my favourite. He’s just the coolest person I’ve ever read about! And I think he made me love Alec as well. I also loved Simon and Blue (dude, spoilers!). They’re one of my favourite contemporary couples ❤ I actually don't remember Nehemia being black. In my mind, she was like pretty, with super long ice blonde hair… but I guess that's Celaena!

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  2. I love June being on your list, and of course Magnus. I thought June was described as an Asian mix but I def knew she was a mix. I do remember her and Day being described as racial mixes because he is described as having Mongolian heritage yet we see his blond tresses all the time so idk how that would play out genetically, lol. Also I haven’t read Simon yet but one of my favorite quotes come from that book, about how white shouldn’t be the norm just like straight shouldn’t be the norm, I know I just butchered it but it’s along those lines and it’s so beautiful. Great list Jesse!

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    1. Yeah! Somewhere in the book she’s described as native mix with other races. As for Day I think he’s just asian/white mix.

      That’s one of my favorite quotes too! I actually used it months ago for the 3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge 😀

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