TRISTEN: The Secret Heeder by Fleur Camacho | REVIEW

The Secret HeederTRISTEN: The Secret Heeder by Fleur Camacho
Published by September 10th, 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Historical
Pages: 257
Format: e-Book


Now that Tristen knows he’s the Last Seeker, his mission is clear: to stop the Tingui from killing important people in the past. However, everything else in his life isn’t so straightforward. His best friend is suddenly acting mysterious and winning his true love’s heart isn’t easy. When Tristen begins having strange dreams again, an old enemy arises to threaten Tristen.
Then Tristen and his friends travel to Nineteenth Century Maryland and they’re horrified to find that they’ve appeared in the middle a great race war. There, Tristen is thrust into a world of spies and intrigue to find the Tingui. Everyone is a suspect and trusting the wrong person could kill one of the greatest Presidents that’s ever lived. Tristen must discover the Tingui’s plans in a world where one wrong move could get them all killed.

Why does Tristen feel like his best friend is keeping secrets?
How will Tristen figure out who to trust?
And ultimately, will he be able to save Abraham Lincoln from dying before the Civil War?



The Secret Heeder by Fleur Camacho is the second book in the TRISTEN series. It continues right where the last book ended. Now that Tristen knows he is the Last Seeker it is up to him to defeat the Tingui from killing influential people of the past. With a best friend who is heeding secrets from him, the girl he likes not believing him, and his mentor who is not there for him he must find a way to save the day on his own. With drama, action, adventure and Abe Lincoln to save Tristen sure has his hands full!

The-Secret-Heeder-Plot-+-WritingAfter coming back from Fifteenth Century France, Tristen finds that his dad is in a coma. Not knowing truly what he is and what he is capable of he has a lot of questions to be answered. While Garyn, his mentor, is out on a journey of his own, Tristen is left to deal with this with only the limited help of Ailey and Isolda. And not to mention the Tingui Torin, the man who stabbed him in France is haunting his every waking minute. Poor Tristen is just trying to be as normal as normal can get with his life. Now being transported back to Nineteenth Century Maryland right before the civil war Tristen, Ailey and Isolda must figure out who is going to kill Abraham Lincoln and save his life so he gets a chance to change America.

With a plot this exciting it is no wonder I couldn’t get enough of this book! We get major revelations and great character development as Tristen and his friends navigate their personal feelings all while trying to save one of the most influential presidents in history. With more information revealed we get a little more back story into what being The Last Seeker entails and how Ailey and Isolda both connect to Tristen’s story.

Camacho has out done herself this time with the intricate writing. A lot of research into the history of events this must have taken is incredible and awe inspiring. She developed her characters with great ease and like I said before she really knows how to get into the minds of teenagers with her accurate dialogues between the gang. Although this is more of a personal issue then anything else, I did feel that some of the chapters dragged a bit long and as a reader it is one of my bookish pet peeves.

The-Secret-Heeder-CharactersTristen has grown a lot since the first book. Having already jumped to a new time, things went a little more smoothly for him and his friends this time around. We also got to see him struggle with his tense relationships with Ailey and Isolda. He finds it quite frustrating that Ailey is hiding secrets from him when he believes he should be told and he just wants her to be straight up with him. While on the other hand his relationship with Isolda is constantly on the rocks because trust issues keep arising. He can’t fully explain his relationship with Ailey to her and she just doesn’t believe they don’t have romantic feelings for each other.

Ailey on the other hand gets major progress in this book. We finally find out how she fits into The Last Seeker equation and I thought it was very creative! Life isn’t all grand for her though. She is also seen struggling with all the information she holds and secrets that she keeps. She wants to help Tristen out but can’t seem to come clean to him about herself or to reveal to Isolda the reason the connection between her and Tristen is so strong. I’m interested to see if she’ll begin to come out of her shell more in the next book!

And finally we have Isolda. I have a love hate relationship with her character. I find her extremely frustrating and have the least connections to her. She needs to be more upfront with Tristen and speak her mind when something is bothering her instead of just keeping it to herself. She also needs to trust Tristen more. He is a great guy but with her moody personality its hard for him to show her. With a little more about her revealed at the end, I am interested to see how she will affect the story later on!

The-Secret-Heeder-SettingMy favorite parts of these books are the historical portions! Like I said above, it must have taken a great deal of research and reading to fully grasp Nineteenth Century Maryland and the pre-cival war era. Camacho is successful with her world building with the historical references and real life individuals. I truly felt like I was there with the gang on their adventure to save Lincoln. I loved the train aspect of the story as well. If it was more practical in real life, I would love to travel more by train instead of plane! So the action scenes on the train were very exciting to read.

I can’t wait to see where Camacho takes Tristen and his friends and who they have to save in the next book! I live for historical fiction!

The-Secret-Heeder-In-ConclusionThe Secret Heeder by Fleur Camacho was a fantastic sequel to this time traveling fantasy series! I can’t wait to read more exciting adventures ahead because I know there is still so much more story to be told! I’m hoping for some more kick ass action scenes! You guys need to pick these up and give them a read. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you like the relationship dynamic between Tristen, Ailey, and Isolda? How crazy was that reveal at the end? Let me know what you guys thought!

You can get TRISTEN: The Secret Heeder & The Last Seeker here: The TRISTEN Series

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The-Secret-Heeder-About-the-AuthorAuthor 20

Fleur Camacho is the author of the TRISTEN book series. She likes to travel, hike, read, paint, be healthy and read boring economic reports. She is the wife of an uber-cool and sexy husband and a mom to two awesome children.

She practices positive inevitability and believes passionately in following your dreams. Even if you don’t accomplish everything you want, you can still enjoy the journey.

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Jesse Nicholas lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an aspiring writer and one day wishes to have a novel published. Along with writing, Jesse enjoys music, travel, trashy TV, and is an avid reader of anything in the Young Adult and Fantasy/Sci-Fi genres. He is currently posts reviews on the novels he reads on his blog, and spends hours upon hours coming up with ideas for a future stories.

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